Monday, January 28, 2008

The Apple Barn & Windmill Garden Centre

We are lucky enough to have The Apple Barn just a block away. It's run by Billy & Shauna Boerboom, who also own the Windmill Garden Centre down the street. I believe most of the business is wholesale but on Saturdays throughout the later fall and part of winter we can walk over and pick up our apples for the week. Here's my favorite part - payment on the HONOUR SYSTEM. I love this little town. Other fruits and vegetables show up on occasion and we often snap them up. I almost want to keep this a secret but Billy's got the best Ambrosia apples.

The Windmill Garden Centre opens in spring and closes by early July. They've got a great selection of annuals, particularly flowers. They do also grow vegetables though and I ended up getting most of what I wanted there. By the end of their season that honour system shows up again and they use it to clear out remaining stock, putting the proceeds towards Agur Lake Camp.

Community Garden Plots
If anyone wants to grow some of their own food but doesn't have the space, plots can be rented seasonally in the Windmill community garden. I don't know the cost right now but will post it when I do.

Billy& Shauna Boerboom
Windmill Garden Centre
9100 Jones Flat Road (Apple Barn & garden plots are a little East of this)
(250) 494-3178


Jeremy said...

I also feel the urge to hoard this information, but really, it's not supposed to be a competition. Aside from the honour-system payment, the next most awesome thing is the price: 50 cents a pound for all produce, and it's so good. And Billy's fresh-squeezed apple juice is to die for.

Jeremy said...

Thought I should note that although I was still able to 24 pounds of excellent apples from The Apple Barn yesterday, the stock is dwindling -- Billy expected to be done by now, so it's been a long season already...but I'm thinking that Feb.9th might be the last day

Tannis said...

You're such a dedicated fan, thanks for the support, advice & comments.

Nada said...

We've been getting our apples at the Apple Barn for a few years and can't get over the honour system and the great tasting local apples. We're glad that places like this exist and that we're here to support them. Thanks Tannis for transforming this important blog from an idea into a reality.

Tannis said...

Thanks Nada, I know you find some great local stuff and hope you let me in on it so I can share it!

Mair said...

I always buy my apples at the Apple Barn. Great place on Jones Flat Road.
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