Monday, January 28, 2008

Tom's Deli

I think the official name is "Tom's Deli and Seafood", I'll have to check next time I walk past. (eds. note - "Summerland Meat and Seafood was the offical sign title). Vegetarians can scoot on over to the tasty cheese display and bypass the meat counter. Or bypass this post altogether. I am aware that it's not hip to be a meat eater these days (yes, I know the arguments for being vegetarian/vegan), but a lot of people are still doing it so we might as well do it a better way. Why do organic meat & dairy seem to be slower to catch on than fruit and vegetables?

I'm a sucker for any place that's family run and/or employs very few people. I can walk in to the deli and know that any one of three people will be there and all of them can answer any question I might come up with. I think it's getting rather rare to be able to talk to the butcher and have him/her not only know how best to cook it but also where it came from and what the animal was fed. They make all of their own sausage and it's free of fillers and nasty stuff (I believe that means it is gluten free as well but double check if it's an issue).

I like the option to try different meats although I tend to stick to my favorites - the bison pork sausages for the bbq and the Summerland City Sausage for wine and cheese picnics. We have also ordered both pork tenderloin and turkey for special occasions with great results.

Yes, it costs a fair bit more than what you find in a grocery store. It's a choice I'm glad to have if I'm going to eat meat.

Tom's Deli
9917 Main St.

update: The deli is moving to Trout Creek beside the gas station as of early March and they've changed the name to "Paradise Meats & Market".

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Jenna said...

I too live in Summerland and have been a customer of Tom's since he opened. A very new blogger. my daughter has encouraged me to begin. but love yours and what you promote great work!