Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stinging Bee Honey Farm

I've been driving past a house with a "local honey" sign on Biagioni Road (just right of the dead end of Rosedale on the East side of the highway) for a year now and never stopped by because...I have an unnatural terror of knocking on strangers' doors. Even when they have signs out inviting me to do so. This blog got me off my butt to finally give it a shot. I discovered a perfectly friendly woman selling her son's "Stinging Bee Honey". It's unpasteurized honey made from bee hives in an orchard on Giant's Head Road. I picked up a $7, 2lb container and tried it on some of my favorite home made bread this afternoon. The colour is darker and the flavour bolder than standard mass produced fare, which is a good thing from my point of view. For my tiny effort I was rewarded with a local source of something I use a lot and the price is certainly right. Try it!

Stinging Bee Honey Farm
Unpasteurized Okanagan Honey
Doug Johnson
Summerland, BC

Update: The house that I bought this honey at has been sold...will update again when I call to find out where to buy the honey now.

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