Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nunweiler's Flour Co.

This isn't exactly local, but it's the closest I've found so far. This company mills organic flours in Kelowna. I've purchased them at a health food store in Penticton and use it in any spelt baking I do. The buckwheat flour adds some heft to our "power" pancakes. I haven't tried the basic whole wheat and all-purpose flours yet but will likely do so in the near future.


Karen said...

Hi Tannis

I love your Local Bounty Blog. I am in the mental process of getting my Webpage done. www.healthyhomescleaning.ca. I want to have a link page that has a list of local small business that I have personal experince with that support a healthy home and/or healthy lifestyle, including nutrition. I hope for feedback of people's own experience and as well learn about new healthy choices. I will love to add your blog to my link page. I hope your community will appreciate all your positive words about all they have to offer.

Tannis said...

I love the beginnings of it! I would love to link to it when it's up and running. The stuff you're doing is so important that it would be great to have somewhere to point people.