Monday, April 14, 2008


I stopped by a house on North Victoria that occasionally has a sign out for eggs and various fruit and met some long time Summerland residents. It's before the hill on the left if you're heading North from town and you can confirm the identity by the chickens running in the orchard. In cool weather they have the eggs in crates outside their back door and there's a drop tin for the money - cost varies by size but I think large eggs were $3/dozen. When weather warms up they move the eggs into a fridge in a shop on the yard. Many of their eggs go to longstanding clients but there were extras the time I went.

I also purchased raspberry canes from the same yard a week ago and they're leafing out already!

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Jenna said...

Cool! I have been in Summerland 12 yrs now. Was worried at first as came from Vancouver Island and many years of organic/health food/grow your own etc. In England now visiting daughter and family. Fly home 27th yaaaaah! My body and mind are ready.